Monday, May 24, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Furniture Edition.

With the moving date only a few days away, I'm in a mad dash to get things ready to go.  No, not packing.  I haven't even thought about packing yet.  (maybe I should be?)  I need to get my furniture ready!  Almost all of my furniture is second-hand, third-hand, or more than that-hand.  About half of these pieces I picked up knowing that they'd need some elbow grease to work for my apartment.

Here are the things I have at this point.  I have nice bedroom furniture but I don't have photos, so you'll just have to be happy with the living and dining room furniture.

The Sofa
Purchased from the Dakota Boys Ranch thrift store - $50

No, buttery yellow with pink and blue flowers doesn't have a home in my design scheme.  I'm going to reupholster it in a solid, medium-gray fabric.  In the bottom corner of the photo you can see the skirt that was on the bottom of the sofa but I thought it would look more modern without it.

Dining Table & Chairs
Antique Oak Table from Fargo antique shop The Old and New Store - $95
4 Chairs from Dakota Boys Ranch - $50

The table is flawless.  Amazing, really.  It should have been much more expensive but, of course, I'm not complaining.  The chairs were absolutely filthy when I picked them up.  Even after a good scrub they are still the wrong color for the table and covered in scratches.  I plan to redo them in a white lacquered finish (to contrast the darkness of the table) and cushion and upholster the seats.

Glass, brushed steel & glass end table
Maison Jansen reproduction end table from The Old and New Store - $15
(those blue love seats went bye-bye on craigslist)

I know, right!  Fifteen bucks!  While I was buying the dining table I mentioned to the guy who runs the shop that I liked this table too.  It was originally priced at $75, marked down to $40, but he said that since I bought the one table he'd do $15 on it.  Of course I had to take it.

Antique Table
Wood table with brass feet from a garage sale - $40

I'm not sure what kind of wood this is, cherry or mahogany, but I'll leave it as it is even though it doesn't match any of the other wood items I have.  We're mixing and matching here anyway, right?

Probably from an vanity set, New Life Center thrift store - $3

I have no idea where I'm going to put it, but it has that cool, low back with the Asian detail and it was only three dollars.  I'm going to go lacquered black with this one and reupholster the seat.  The pink's not working.

Antique armchair
Amazing antique armchair from Antiques on Broadway in Fargo - $20

I found this one in the basement of the antique shop.  Apparently this was left over at an estate auction, nobody wanted it, so the guy who runs Antiques on Broadway threw it in his truck with the things he bought.  Knowing it would need to be reupholstered, he gave it to me for $20.  The funny thing is that the fabric is the same color and texture as my teddy bear growing up.  It was meant for me!  It is stuffed with horsehair and the seat is all down feathers.  It's incredibly comfortable.  I'm in the process of reupholstering it now.
Halfway done

I'm hoping I can get it finished by Tuesday or Wednesday.  With my gray/black/white scheme going on, I chose a white fabric with a very subtle textured pinstripe of the same color.  I made the mistake of choosing fabric with a bit of stretch, which has been horrible.  It was only $3.99 a yard which is ridiculously cheap for upholstery fabric, but it's not going to look as sharp as I'd like it to.  Honestly though, I'm going to have to redo it in a couple years anyway. It's white, absorptive, and I like wine.  It's really only a matter of time and you can only flip a cushion once.

Coffee Table
Asian-inspired coffee table from New Life Center thrift store - $5

Although this isn't what I ultimately want for a coffee table, It's going to work in the meantime.  When I do finally find the right one, this will receive a tufted, upholstered top and become a bench which will probably reside at the foot of my bed.  

There was a large gauge on the top and nail holes on the sides (I took off ugly '70s brass decorations) so I filled them with wood putty today so it can be sanded tomorrow.  When they are both sanded and ready, the little chair and this table are getting their shiny black lacquered coats.  I'm hoping the paint I got looks good but ,worst-case scenario, I have to throw both pieces away and I lose $8.  $12 if you count the can of spray paint.  

So, hopefully I can get as much of that painting and reupholstering done as possible before moving.  You know, so as to not trash my new apartment as soon as I get there.  I'm excited!  Can you tell?

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  1. The little chair is too cool! I'll love it in black, the coffee table too. Almost thought the coffee table would become your entryway side table, but I can see it's too low. If your spray paint doesn't do the trick, I have some glossy oil-based black I used on our bathroom cabinets and towel bars.
    Happy painting, enjoy the fumes.